Promotions & Analytics Manager

Promotions & Analytics Manager

The Promotions & Analytics Manager will be responsible for helping drive traffic and ecommerce performance by reviewing data, looking for insights and provide recommendations to improve marketing campaigns.  The successful candidate will also analyze campaign performance and develop strategies to improve and/or create new campaigns.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Track all marketing expenses and results across online and offline channels to account for true financial performance (ROAS, ROI, gross revenue, net revenue)
  • Assist in data-driven strategies to hit key performance indicators and budgets (web and email metrics)
  • Deliver advertising campaign and promotions performance reporting to stakeholders
  • Report on marketing finances and whether budgets were attained
  • Track and report on all sales accounts and channels in relation to budget goals
  • Help increase margins and analyze lift from promotions in coordination with channel and account managers
  • Monitor and maintain base/list pricing across all channels
  • Help Product Development and Management research competition to set price of new products to hit goals
  • Create and implement pricing strategies where needed
  • Provide performance metrics for marketing ads and campaigns to assist marketing in achieving budgets
  • Forecast product sales (units by SKU, revenue and net margin) for each promotion



  • Conduct research and analysis of past campaign performance, product sales (volume, revenue and net profit) and create price and bundling strategy to plan promotions across email, websites and direct mail
  • Perform price elasticity analysis to find the optimal selling price to hit target revenue and margin goals
  • Work with product management, design, web and content teams to launch new products
  • Measure promotion effectiveness and optimize as needed
  • Report on weekly and monthly results of promotions
  • Coordinate staff members who help create and deliver promotions
  • Create campaign templates, and review, approve, and revise as needed
  • Manage the creation of a monthly direct mail promotion to customer base
  • Perform other duties as assigned


Minimum Requirements:

  • Minimum of 4 years’ experience creating promotions, forecasts and campaign analytics
  • Bachelor’s degree in any of the following areas: accounting, finance, economics, data analytics/science or business administration
  • Advanced knowledge of Excel including data analysis and visualization (charts and graphs)
  • Solid understanding of Google Analytics
  • Solid math skills
  • Strong attention to detail and data
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills