About This Project

“Preparation starts today, not during or after disasters”

A motorcycle enthusiast and outdoors aficionado, Mark was born and raised in Salt Lake City. Now married and a father of three, Mark has been involved in every aspect of BCG, including purchasing, shipping and production, sales and marketing. He developed the entire BCG business with his father, whom he worked with since childhood. He’s a devoted Jazz fan and has been known to be a zealous supporter when attending their games. Mark continues the legacy left behind by his mother and father by keeping their corporate vision as his driving influence. Well liked by his coworkers, Mark is a true believer in preparedness and sites 9/11 as the driving force that motivates him to help the BCG grow.“I truly care about people being more ready for emergency events. They are coming–it’s just a matter of when. The time to start getting prepared is now.”