Executive Team


Gary Bringhurst – CEO

Gary received his bachelor’s and master’s degree in accounting from Brigham Young University in 1992. He first work with Ernst & Young in Southern California where he received his CPA certification. While working at Ernst & Young, half his clients were engaged in manufacturing while the other half were engaged in Real Estate. Experience at Ernst & Young helped set Gary’s knowledge foundation necessary to understand what financial and operational principles help drive successful businesses.

After leaving Ernst and Young much of his career was spent in leadership roles. He served in the following positions: VP of Finance, CFO, VP of Operations, COO, President and CEO. These positions were held with businesses ranging in size from 15 million to 1.5 billion.

He was recruited to these C-level positions to help create, develop and execute strategic plans to drive profitable businesses grow. Gary’s track record shows his success in achieving these objectives. One business opportunity Gary was involved in saw profitable growth of a business from $30mm a year to $680mm a year within 2 years.

On several occasions, Gary has been involved in turning around dysfunctional businesses units. He has the unique ability to develop, manage, and execute both high level strategic plans, and detailed tactical campaigns. Some of the areas of expertise Gary has is as follows: financial planning and modeling, manufacturing improvement and execution, materials planning and scheduling, sales and sales organizational structuring, business strategic planning, marketing planning, and debt financing and restructuring.

Gary has always been able to see the end from the beginning as it relates to positioning a company for growth and profitability. Along with this, he is capable of making all the hard decisions necessary to bridge the gap between business failure and success.


Mark Augason – President

Mark developed with his father the Blue Chip Group brand and business into what it is today. From an early age Mark has been involved in every aspect of the business from purchasing, shipping and production, to sales and marketing and product development.

Mark has become an expert in the retail space selling food storage solutions and emergency preparedness foods, everyday soups and camping products to some of the largest retailers in the world. Some of those retailers include Walmart stores, Walmart.com, Costco stores, Costco.com, Sam’s Club stores, Sam’s Club.com, Cabelas, BJ’s, Associated Foods, and more.

Success in the business has come through balancing the right amount of high quality food, great pricing, and fantastic customer service. This balance of quality, price, and service has been and will continue to be the rock bed of Mark’s strategy for success for Blue Chip Group.

Mark continues the legacy left behind by his father and mother in growing and developing the business. With hard work and strong strategic planning, Mark has put into place a number of key objectives that have launched the business into strong, healthy, profitable growth that will sustain the business for years to come.


Fabio DeMelo – Chief Technology Officer

Fabio received his master’s degree in Technology from the University of Utah. He started his career in the technology field in the early 90’s as a software developer, with an emphasis in e-business and has served as Vice President, CTO and CIO in different companies. He successfully launched hundreds of sites during the dotcom boom in the United States, managing many websites and web applications in a variety of markets such as real estate, financial, food, research, health care, industrial and sports. In the mid 90’s Fabio became an expert in e-commerce and web usability.

Fabio has over seventeen years experience in managing more than fifty high-critical applications for both small and large businesses, including top 500 fortune companies in the United States. His work includes portals that generated over $100 million dollars in sales. Fabio also has extensive experience managing large teams. Over the past ten years he has managed small and large organizations across the world. Fabio has conducted business in over 35 countries and over the years has worked with governmental agencies, royal families, and artists such as Madonna, U2, Jay-Z, Kiss, Mariah Carey, and Maroon 5 to name a few.

Fabio also graduated from the University of Phoenix with a BS degree in Information Technology, with a focus in E-commerce/Web. Prior to that, he received a business degree in Business from LDS Business College in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Greg Allison

Greg Allison – Vice President Marketing

Greg is a 25-year brand and marketing expert who has held numerous management positions in the service and retail industry, including for such well-known brands as Mrs. Fields, TCBY, Auto Trader and AlphaGraphics. As a business consultant and owner of a marketing services agency, Greg has developed national and regional programs working with recognized organizations like Progressive Insurance, Yamaha, and the U.S. Coast Guard just to name a few.

Greg’s skills and experience are firmly entrenched in a can-do philosophy (and practice) that effectively integrates strategic planning, brand management, marketing communications, and product development, all to create holistic go-to-market approaches designed to penetrate markets, reach target audiences, and grow revenues.